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According to studies conducted by HLW International LLP and Procter & Gamble, maintaining a clean workplace is one of the key factors affecting company productivity. An impressive 5% productivity gain was calculated in a 100-associate office that was cleaned and inspected by trained staff regularly.

This gain was brought forth by the reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism – showing up to work but not putting 100% into assigned tasks – that was found to occur when the employees in the office were made sick from working around harmful bacteria or were not motivated to perform due to their cluttered, messy surroundings.

In plainer words, maintaining a clean and healthy environment isn’t just a tactic retail stores and service centres use to impress customers – it’s a great business decision all around!

Here at Hunter Cleaning Group, we grasp the importance of maintaining a clean workplace and strive to provide top notch cleaning services for businesses of all sizes in Newcastle and surrounding areas.

What exactly do we provide our commercial clients, you ask? Read on to discover a few ways in which we can help your company achieve a great level of cleanliness.

General cleaning

General cleaning involves ensuring that the workplace is free of all distracting debris and dirt by conducting tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping, disinfecting surfaces and removing trash. These tasks are commonly performed on a fairly frequent basis, typically at nights to eliminate interference with work.

Special cleaning

Special cleaning involves more heavy-duty tasks ranging from scrubbing floors with high-powered machinery to carpet spot removal and hot water extraction. These tasks are typically carried out as the need for them arises. As with our other services, special cleaning tasks may also be scheduled to be performed periodically to maintain property appearance.

External & interior property maintenance

Employees and clients begin forming an attitude towards your business even before they step inside your building thanks to the importance of having a clean, well groomed property exterior. Allow Hunter Cleaning Group to perform tasks ranging from performing basic trimming of hedges to cleaning your windows. We also offer interior property maintenance services as well, carrying out tasks such as changing light bulbs and doing general handy work.

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Hopefully the information on this page has given you an idea of how you can get Hunter Cleaning Group working to increase your business’ productivity, image and professionalism through reliable, trustworthy and flexible commercial cleaning services.

If you’re interested in employing our services for regular cleaning services or even just a one-time job, contact us today. We’ll gladly provide you a quote and get started as soon as possible.

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Commercial Cleaning Services