Carpet cleaning services

A clean carpet can provide warmth, texture and a cozy feeling to any property. But a dirty carpet can do the opposite, hanging onto bacteria such as mould, salmonella, stomach flu-causing norovirus and several allergens to produce an environment that could make even the most resilient of immune systems cringe and brace for battle.

While vacuuming is a great short term and quick solution for picking up mess, it doesn’t do nearly enough to reach deep into the carpet’s fibres and pull out bacteria, dirt and mites that have been building up below the surface.

We at Hunter Valley Cleaning offer fantastic carpet cleaning services designed to have you breathing easy in no time. Read on to learn more about our service.

Focused & specific to your needs

If you’re cleaning your carpet to alleviate a specific issue such as a spill or tough stain, we’ll come up with a solution focused on that particular need and price our services accordingly. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution here at Hunter Cleaning Group; we work with each of our clients to organize a cleaning plan for their specific needs and our carpet cleaning services are no different.

Environmentally friendly

The various cleaning solutions we use during our carpet cleaning service are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly, a guarantee which has the added benefit of ensuring that all people on your property are kept safe, even those with the toughest allergies. Further, we are always updating our supplies and practices as new, safer ones become available to ensure that we stay at the top of the industry regarding environmental friendliness.

Multi-step process

Our process for cleaning carpets is incredibly thorough and works as follows.

Step 1 – Inspection
In addition to the issues you point out to us during the booking of your appointment, our team will do their best to identify any other problem areas that may exist regarding your carpet and notify you if any additional work may be required before getting started.

Step 2 – Application of carpet cleaning solution
Once the exact scope of the work has been agreed upon, our carpet cleaning experts get to work. We spray cleaning solution throughout the carpet, allowing it to sink in deep and begin loosening dirt and debris deep under the surface of the carpet.

During this stage, we are also prepared to carefully move furniture that blocks hard-to-reach areas if you don’t have the time to do so before our arrival.

Step 3 – Dirt extraction
After the solution has been sitting in your carpet for the appropriate amount of time (this depends on the amount of dirt present), we use our high-powered equipment to begin extracting the solution and dirt from your carpet. If you’re present as we conduct the work, this is when you may be able to see the colour of your carpet lighten considerably during this stage, evidence that it’s working right.

Step 4 – Inspection
Once the cleaning work is completed, we inspect it thoroughly. You may also join us at this stage to ensure that the work is done to your utmost satisfaction.

Need a carpet cleaning? Give us a call!

Whether you’re looking for a one-time carpet cleaning or regular scheduled work, we’ve got a carpet cleaning solution that suits your exact needs. If you’re looking for a quality carpet cleaner in the Newcastle area, give us a call today and let us know the specifics of your task!

We look forward to providing you the same great service we’ve been providing our clients for several years!

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Carpet cleaning services